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Doctor Window Tint®
Exclusive Installer of Solar Control® brand Window Tinting Film

Solar Control®, has earned a reputation as the trusted source for Commercial Tinting and Window Films in South Florida. Contact us today to set up a free consultation and allow us to explain the benefits of our window tinting lines! Tenemos Servicio e Información en Español.

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We Take Care of Your Panes

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Our Products

With a complete array of tinting services, Doctor Window Tint® will help you make an informed decision about your window tinting project. We offer a High Performance Line, as well as an Economy Line of window films.

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Our Services

Doctor Window Tint® is proud to offer a full array of commercial window and residental tinting solutions that can keep in the desired amount of sunlight, and keep out the sun's harmful effects

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Our Success Stories

Doctor Window Tint® makes every attempt to separate itself from the competition. Its new and innovative products, customer service, installation techniques, and warranties all help us to provide you with high level of satisfaction that our clients have come to expect.

Success Stories

  • In the late 1980s, the US government contracted Solar Control, to install its products on all the windows of the government buildings in Colombia, South America. This was to add to the country’s fight against the drug lords. Shortly after we finished the installation in a particular one story building in downtown Bogota, Colombia, the
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  • Security System Controls Raging Fire! ln another incident, after we had completed the installation on the entire 10th floor of a glass skyscraper. The building looked like a big finger with a silver ring on it. The building management association had a conflict with 10th floor tenant about saying that the building looked too odd. The tenants on the 10th floor
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  • System Saves Life and Prevents Publix Robbery! In the year following Hurricane Andrew, Publix Supermarket contracted our company to install a clear steel system on many stores. Many break-in attempts were thwarted due to this decision. One specific break-in attempt was rewarded with a plaque presented to our company in appreciation for the system. One night, about 12:00 a.m., when the store
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